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Choose the most unique and stylish location for your special day.

Locust & Starr can provide the perfect spot for a beautiful ceremony.

My wife and I had the opportunity to visit the Locust & Starr for the reception of a family wedding. We were warmly greeted and cared for the entire time we were on the property. Lisa went above and beyond to ensure that it was a memorable night—and indeed it was.


The food was exceptional, the dining area was intimate and comfortable, the rooms were spacious, and the wake-up donut was a great start to the day. Not only would I recommend the Locust & Starr for a small wedding reception or other gathering, I think it is an excellent for choice for anyone looking for a unique and comfortable place to stay in Wolfville—you won’t be disappointed.

- Chris J

East Coast POP-UP Weddings

We are excited to be working exclusively with East Coast Pop up Wedding. Catering and receptions for 20 or less guests are available at the Inn. Rental of the suites are expected when booking a wedding.

FB - @EastCoastPopUpWeddings

Public Space Rentals

The Inn is available during public hours for meetings and events. Catering is also available. Contact us for info.

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