Java Blend Coffee

Visit Locust & Starr at the start of your day and be energized by not only the decor and character of our inn but also the spectacular espresso we serve from locally roasted beans.

Earth's Herbal Teas

Herbalist, Lily Fawn, has been making organic herb products in Victoria, BC since 1992. Using locally foraged and hand picked wildcrafted herbs whenever available. All of the products are lovingly prepared in small batches.

Binky's Donuts

Binky's Donuts started 6 years ago in the Gaspereau Valley out of a love of creating unique and delicious donuts. Taking pride in serving locally grown products, we create “real deal” artisanal donuts to the whole area and beyond.

​At Locust & Starr Binky's donuts has a new place to call home! Who knows what creations will come out of this adventure.

​Donuts are served fresh daily to our suites.

Our Binky's Donuts are hanging from the front door on Fri, Sat and Sun.

Stop by for a visit.


Nona Lucia's

Traditional Italian Biscotti

These hard Almond and Fennel biscotti are twice baked in small batches and are a staple in Italian homes. A perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee

The recipe originates from a farming family in Loreto, Northern Italy, where Lucia was born in 1903.

This traditional recipe is available to try at Locust & Starr

Tangled Gardens

Jellies & Jams

Hand crafted jams, jellies and liqueurs made from herbs grown  in the 4 acre Tangled Garden.

For 30 years, each jar is carefully made with only the best local ingredients and in small batches. Located just outside of Wolfville in the Unesco area of Grand Pre, Tangled Garden offers wonderful products and a garden to loose yourself in... at least for a little while!